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Our mission at Star Tutors is to positively impact and influence academic learning by being available to students anytime, anywhere. Each member of the Star Tutors team has demonstrated a desire to help students succeed in all aspects of their lives. We hire tutors that not only have significant tutoring and teaching experience, but also have had successful careers in other fields including architecture, medicine, accounting, and much more!

Learning Differences

Learning Differences


Our Approach to Students with Learning Differences

Parents of students with learning challenges often ask us whether we can help their child succeed in light of these differences. The answer is YES!  Star Tutors has helped many students who have learning challenges. Students can succeed in academic coursework and/or standardized testing despite many different learning needs.

With ACT and SAT prep, our affordable in-person and virtual classrooms are unique in that all classes are recorded and archived online, allowing students to re-watch a lesson at any time if they feel they need a better understanding. Our Virtual ACT and SAT classes, allow students to attend and participate in a LIVE class, but from the convenience of a quiet home office or any location where they have a Wi-Fi connection. Whether the student has ADHD, dyslexia, or simply struggles to stay focused, a quiet setting is free of distractions that many large classrooms and small groups can have. Students who need more time also benefit from slowing down or re-watching a class.

Our proprietary books, The Star Tutors Perfect ACT and SAT Tutorials, have multiple strategies for different learning styles. Our materials have comprehensive schedules that are easy for students to follow and offer carefully crafted practice questions that allow students to practice the exact same question types they will see on the test. Both parents and students have told us this format keeps them interested and focused.

With academic tutoring, our tutors are patient and compassionate, trained to reach students with various strategies. We know each student is a unique individual and we consider specific needs for each situation.

Some common learning differences where we have had success include:

  • Dyslexia/Dyscalculia

  • Dysgraphia

  • Executive Function/Organization

  • Visual and Auditory Processing Challenges

  • ADHD

“My son loved learning from home without other students distracting his learning. He felt it was easier to focus and get more accomplished.”

Susan, mother of Christopher