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11911 San Vicente Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA, 90049
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Our mission at Star Tutors is to positively impact and influence academic learning by being available to students anytime, anywhere. Each member of the Star Tutors team has demonstrated a desire to help students succeed in all aspects of their lives. We hire tutors that not only have significant tutoring and teaching experience, but also have had successful careers in other fields including architecture, medicine, accounting, and much more!

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Test Prep

Easy to follow curriculum for ACT and SAT. Written by teachers who know both tests. Join one of our popular classroom programs today!

Test Prep


Learn the test. Raise your score. Reach your goal.

At Star Tutors, we love the ACT and the SAT. That's because they both follow a pattern-based set of rules, and anyone willing to work hard can learn the rules and improve their score. Our methods are based on careful study of thousands of real questions from previous tests, and to help ace every one of those questions, we've put the most effective strategies into our Perfect ACT and Perfect SAT Tutorials.


Our Test Prep Options


Our virtual class program is our most flexible way to prepare for the ACT or SAT. Each class is broadcast LIVE to students in our Facebook Classroom. The programs include 10 classes, 2 full-length practice tests with full analysis, our Test Prep Tutorial and corresponding guide for only $399.


The in-person classroom program allows students to prepare for the ACT and SAT in a traditional classroom setting. Class sizes are limited so each student receives the full attention of the instructor throughout the program. [This program is only available in the LA Area.]


Our one-on-one program is the most customizable way to prepare for the ACT or the SAT.  This program guarantees that each student will have the full attention of their tutor and allows for the curriculum to be changed to accommodate specific needs.

StarU, Star Tutors new self-study app.


StarU, our new self-study app, gives you instant access to 20 hours of free SAT and ACT content, accessible from anywhere! Plus, with the click of a button, you can receive real-time tutoring from a live tutor on any subject. Download the StarU app today!


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Sara, Washington DC (Received a 1570 on her SAT and 800 on her SAT math ii Subject Test before her Junior Year even Started!)

“Virtual tutoring sessions with Star Tutors really helped me focus for the SAT and resulted in a significant increase to my overall score. I was initially skeptical of online tutoring versus the traditional classroom preparation classes, but I must admit the strategies and methods that Star Tutors shared with me better prepared me to excel. They spent the initial session understanding my needs and offered strategies. The virtual environment provided flexibility in scheduling my lessons and overall it a great experience!"

Bella, Los Angeles (5-point ACT increase, 99th percentile score)

"Star tutors is the reason I was able to succeed on the ACT. This program was not only helpful in helping me understand the ACT test, but it also helped me feel comfortable and confident on test day! Furthermore, Star Tutors helped me to achieve a 5 point increase on my ACT that I never thought possible before taking this course. The accessibility of this program is what really helped me achieve my ACT goal as I was able to receive in-person instruction on a weekly basis but then also virtually rewatch each lesson if certain topics confused me. The tutors were always available to answer any questions I had throughout the week and to explain confusing topics or ideas. Overall, this program helped me tremendously, and I could not have improved or done well on the ACT without it."

Leah, Minnesota (Received a 36, perfect score!)

"I liked how easy it was to tune in to the virtual classroom, ask questions, and easily learn. Honestly, it was a perfect set-up for me. To be able to tune in for classes in pajamas with a cup of tea was very ideal. I learned so much from this program. Everything from timing strategies to practice tests was explained in depth. I was very happy with my overall point increase."

Eddie, Denver (4-point ACT increase and a perfect 36 score)

"I enjoyed that I didn’t have to leave my home to study for the ACT. A lot of my friends dreaded having to drive to their ACT class (with over 30 students in the classroom), while all I had to do was go sit at my desk. Also, I was able to go back and review certain topics if I wanted to hear them again. If I had done a real classroom I wouldn’t be able to go back and review things I had missed."

Lauren, Denver (35 ACT Composite Score)

"I attribute most of my success on the ACT to Star Tutors and their unique online program. The combination of the Star Tutors ACT prep book and the Official ACT prep book covered all the information I needed to be successful on the ACT. Not only were there many practice tests available in these books, but the tutors were more than willing to send additional practice resources and answer any questions I had. It was so easy to tune in to the virtual classroom, and the videos were accessible to be rewatched if I needed clarification or extra practice. Something unique to Star Tutors is that I could do the program from my room in my pajamas, without the distractions present in most other test prep environments. By far the most helpful aspect of this program for me was the day-of test packet. It helped me get in the right mindset right before the test, avoid nerves, and be confident in my knowledge and ability to score well."

ACT Pretest Kickstarter

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