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Our mission at Star Tutors is to positively impact and influence academic learning by being available to students anytime, anywhere. Each member of the Star Tutors team has demonstrated a desire to help students succeed in all aspects of their lives. We hire tutors that not only have significant tutoring and teaching experience, but also have had successful careers in other fields including architecture, medicine, accounting, and much more!

Strong ACT

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Based on your responses, we believe that there is a strong chance that you would prefer the ACT over the SAT. Your responses indicated that you would rather have slightly easier questions with less time per question, and the ACT is that test! If you'd like to better understand the differences between the ACT and the SAT, please visit our SAT vs. ACT page.

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Interested in trying one of our virtual classroom programs? You can watch a FREE 15 minute demo video, and follow along with a sample lesson from our comprehensive Star Tutors Perfect ACT Tutorial. Our ACT students have an average score increase of over 5 points after taking our virtual classroom program. The classroom consists of 20 hours of instructional lessons, 2 proctored practice tests, the Perfect ACT Tutorial, and the Official ACT practice test guide. Learn more about our programs by clicking the button below! 

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Before officially deciding on taking the ACT, we recommend taking a practice test first! You can find an official, full-length practice ACT by clicking the button below. If you are interested in having your results comprehensively analyzed by one of our Star Tutors, please reach out directly to